Music we thoroughly enjoyed this past year

You know, for a while I really couldn't figure out what to do with this blog. I initially planned to do show updates, and maybe some self-glamorizing, but we already covered that in our newsletter, instagram, and elsewhere. So we sort of just let this part of our website collect dust. Then it hit me - let's recommend music! (and books)

It'll save you some time asking us what song we're playing, or what album, etc, and it's a good way to support the artists. Win/win. 

This album wins the award, perhaps, for 'most played song of the season' with their EXCELLENT electronic cover of Sister of Mercy's classic track, 'Dominion'. I'm sure there's some skepticism, and maybe some purists who are shaking their heads at the very notion, but for anyone that's heard it at our sets we've received nothing but endorsements. 

Information Society is a fascinating band. Their one big hit, "Pure Energy", would seem to have confined them to the 80s (and 'American Psycho' soundtrack) and even then many people assume that track is done by New Order. But they've continued putting out quality music, especially recently, and unlike bands that try to relive the glory they achieved 30 years ago they're still actively evolving. Their tracks span from spritely electronic to darker, almost cynical, entries. Their cover of Dominion lands somewhere in between. It's accessible enough for people who hear the name Sisters of Mercy and think they're an all-girl ensemble, maybe with a little Monica Richards touch (though they would have NO IDEA who she is), as it is faithful enough for Sisters' die hards to enjoy and appreciate as well.

The rest of the album is well-crafted as well and, in case you're looking for something different (or just looking for where that song comes from),  I feel good recommending it. 

Ryan Walker