Book Recommendation

Back when we were beginning, in the way way way beginning at a now defunct dive called 'Arrow Bar', doing Sunday happy hours, our post-punk was much different from standard-fare and what we're known for in Pyramid Club. In fact, since we had such a small following to start, we purposely strayed away from Goth Rock, EBM, Goth Industrial, and anything of the sort, feeling like "we can't compete with what's already out there. Let's instead be post-punk 'historians'." 
So we played things like Kleenex, Pylon, Wire (post-Pink Flag, though we haven't abandoned them), early New Model Army, Ludus, Lizzy Mercier, and, without fail, The Slits. So it was to our delight when Slits guitarist Viv released her auto-biography. 
Even if you don't care for the more post-scene aspects of the book, which I highly recommend, it still provides enough insight and juice to the burgeoning punk/post-punk scene in the late 70s when the Sex Pistols were finding their identity, Malcolm Mclaren's store 'Sex' was in its heyday, and scene stalwarts Siouxsie Sioux, Steven Severin, and Billy Idol were kicking around with other outcasts in the Bromley Contingent. Often romanticized as lightening in a barrel of artistic change and a shift to a youth movement that re-routed the culture of music and style forever. 
Viv, being in the midst of that change, provides a very visual account and one that I think anyone 'underground', post-punk, or culturally curious would find worthwhile. The entire book is fascinating, though, and I feel comfortable recommending it, as I do their music and the music listed above. You may not hear this stuff around as much due to the way it would confuse a dance floor, but for any music aficionado (or someone just curious what our roots were when Game of Thrones sabotaged our time slot every week), you should definitely check it out.